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Security and compliance first.

We are in an era of the global legalization of gaming operations. This means that emerging new customers need information, monitoring and management tools that are not native to casino, route or OEM.

Sounds familiar?

Our winning formula
a highly secure and cost effective system

Get all the gaming revenue you are supposed to be getting with this secure, cloud data retrieval system. AXES is partially owned by the Government of Quebec, Canada, and is sensitive to any specific government requirements for effectively managing gaming operations from a legislative, enforcement and jurisdictional standpoint.

From data collection to reporting, from responsible gaming to anti-money laundering, AXES offers a wide range of functionality specifically tailored to the needs of government entities. Real-time tax management and taxation reporting are just a few of the basic features of the AXES for Government product suite. Host data within your environment or outsourced to AXES. Take leadership in evolving your jurisdiction to state-of-the-art compliance. Finally, implement gaming rules and regulations through automated technology.

Currently, government central monitoring systems cost jurisdictions millions of dollars. AXES annihilates this business model with tailored technology at a fraction of the cost. Moreover, the AXES for Government technological solution is independent of all gaming manufacturers to eliminate any risk of bias.

AXES for Government is your cutting-edge solution to independence, governance, monitoring and revenue collection.

Cloud-based = low cost

The AXES cutting edge cloud-based solution has the lowest total cost of deployment and maintenance for a Central System in the industry.

It works with three key components:

  • The BlackBox
  • The AXES Information
    Management System (AIMS)
  • The Local
    Integrity Device (LID)
The Black Box

The Blackbox

The Blackbox is the AXES workhorse. This robust data collection device is renowned for its ability to capture virtually all gaming machine data protocols. The BlackBox captures and stores data while constantly verifying the availability of the cloud to effectively manage the transmission process by means of a proprietary method.

The BlackBox requires no maintenance or technical expertise to operate and is built on a break and replace principle. AXES made its name with this non-intrusive, encrypted data collection device that securely collects a machine’s data and ensures that it securely reaches the AXES Cloud.

Aims System

Aims System

The AXES Information Management System (AIMS) is a cloud-based solution for managing all aspects of a gaming operation. AIMS performs player, marketing, operations, security, reporting and all other requirements for efficient operations.

AIMS serves the Government market for monitoring and taxation, the OEM market monitoring and revenue share, the Route market for all aspects of remote accounting and the Casino market for 360 casino management. AIMS is real-time access anywhere to information management for the evolved gaming industry.

Local Integrity
Device (LID)

The LID is the answer to unreliable Internet and completely redundant local cloud services. The LID ensures that the mission critical transactions such as ticket in, ticket out are locally redundant so that cloud availability is never an issue.

The LID is completely transparent and does not require any local maintenance or service. This device is exclusive to the AXES Cloud Solution and is part of the cutting edge approach to performance based management in challenging environments.

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