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Simple. Mobile. Secure.

Route operations and management can be challenging.
Money disappearing mysteriously… Yes, we’ve seen it all. Manual cash collection, data capture, on-site accounting and conciliation are prone to errors as well as time and energy drains.

Sounds familiar?

Our winning formula

AXES ROUTE is a revolutionary way to approach money collection and route management.

Installed on any mobile device, powered by our BlackBox and connected to our management system (AIMS), our application fully automates multi-site money and data collection in offline venues, thus eliminating potential fraud and accounting errors.

Cloud-based = low cost

The AXES cutting edge cloud-based solution has the lowest total cost of ownership of all Management System solutions in the industry.

It works with three key components:

  • The BlackBox
  • The AXES Information
    Management System (AIMS)
  • The Local
    Integrity Device (LID)
The Black Box

The Blackbox

The Blackbox is the AXES workhorse. This robust data collection device is renowned for its ability to capture virtually all gaming machine data protocols. The BlackBox captures and stores the data while constantly verifying the availability of the cloud to effectively manage the transmission process by means of a proprietary method.

The BlackBox requires no maintenance or technical expertise to operate and is built on a break and replace principle. AXES made its name with this non-intrusive, encrypted data collection device that securely collects a machine’s data and ensures that it securely reaches the AXES Cloud.

Aims System

Aims System

The AXES Information Management System (AIMS) is a cloud-based solution for managing all aspects of a gaming operation. AIMS performs player, marketing, operations, security, reporting and all other requirements for efficient operations.

AIMS serves the Government market for monitoring and taxation, the OEM market monitoring and revenue share, the Route market for all aspects of remote accounting and the Casino market for 360 casino management. AIMS is real-time access anywhere to information management for the evolved gaming industry.

Local Integrity
Device (LID)

The LID is the answer to unreliable Internet and completely redundant local cloud services. The LID ensures that the mission critical transactions such as ticket in, ticket out are locally redundant so that cloud availability is never an issue.

The LID is completely transparent and does not require any local maintenance or service. This device is exclusive to the AXES Cloud Solution and is part of the cutting edge approach to performance based management in challenging environments.

Route app

The AXES ROUTE App was designed to automate information management and cash collection, thus preventing theft and ensuring profitability in route operations. When at a specific location, the ROUTE App automatically connects to each electronic gaming machine through the LID and collects information.

Cash clearance delays are up to three times faster

Prevent fraud and theft thanks to automated metre captures and cash clearance calculations

You have complete control over venue floats

Go cashless

AXES Optional Cashless is a card-based transactional system for money management that eliminates the needs for bill-validator or hopper‑based operations.

AXES is all about service.

We know your problems all happen on evenings and weekends. Our 24/7 support is there for you so you can focus on serving your customers while we support you.

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