Discover our core components

Axes Core
Cash Desk

Bundled automatically with our ViVo application, the Cash desk app allows you to fully manage your cashier. Open and close shifts, manage your float and control your ticket redemption as well as promotion.


  • Works on low-end Windows-based PCs
  • Automatically open and close cashier shifts
  • Manage your promotional tickets
  • Quick glance at redeemed & unredeemed tickets
Table Manager

Table Management app is a simple and efficient add-on to your casino whether you are managing two tables or 50. It works on an Android tablet and allows for real-time management and reporting of your table operations.


  • Off-the-shelf hardware
  • Easy installation and setup to get started in a few hours
  • Extremely affordable
  • Real-time Accounting and Reporting, giving you real-time table revenues and and financial info
  • Tracking for table opening and closing
  • Mobile and Web App
  • Fill and Credit requests from the mobile app to the cashier
Mystery Jackpot

AXES’ JACKPOT APP is the perfect solution to driving new and incremental revenues. With the click of a button, operators can select which machines will participate in the Mystery Jackpot. This highly-configurable application offers a variety of customization options, including the configuration of multilevel payouts, participation fees, win frequencies and min/max win values.


  • Generate new and incremental revenue from your existing clients and infrastructure
  • Does not require additional hardware
  • Single or Multi-site Jackpots to connect all your venues
  • No onsite servers or specialized infrastructure necessary Internet connection required
  • Supports random and statistical operational modes
  • Secure, robust, reliable and easy-to-use
  • All configuration done from AIMS
Player's Club & Reward

You have succeeded in attracting your patrons to play. Now it’s time to move to phase II: retaining them. Nothing beats a well-built player’s club that rewards your best players and allows you to manage your customer base like a maestro.


  • Increase your player retention and revenues
  • Multi-level Player’s club
  • Create your own custom points rules
  • Available for multiple sites under one Club
  • Track your players’ preferences including time on device, favorite game, and number of sessions
  • Alerts to know when your best players are on your floor
  • Customize your rewards for goods, prizes, cash, and raffles

Ladies night, Match Deposit & Birthday Vouchers... you customize which promo you want to run in your casino to attract new and existing customers. Use this in conjunction with our AIMS player activity report to reduce downtime in your casino and maximise your revenues!


  • Intuitive campaigns to run on both cashless and ViVo
  • Remove theft from manual campaigns
  • Unlimited number of promotions per campaign
  • Set up your promotion based on day, time and player activity
  • Track your promotional money to measure return on investment
  • Give points or promotional money
  • Promotional money has to be played and can’t be redeemed
Automated Cash Collection

The Automated Cash Collection App is an efficient operational tool to collect, reconcile and manage route and casino operations. With the click of a button on a tablet, It securely retrieves and stores the machine’s meters and then allows you to manually enter the money in the machine to facilitate cash reconciliation, on-site revenues share, hard/soft count comparisons and commission payments.


  • Remove fraud and theft from cash collection in Route operations
  • Automated data collection which eliminates manual entry errors
  • Streamlined accounting in Route operations
  • Calculation of commissions due with local venues (bars, restaurants)
  • Available in two modes: synchronized with AXES Cloud and AIMS, or in asynchronous mode in situations where internet connectivity is unavailable.
  • Supported on low cost Android tablets