Axes core


Installed directly in each slot machine, the BlackBox securely and automatically collects, stores and communicates data. This ensures that your mission-critical information is always accessible for efficient operational management.


  • No need for on-site servers or local IT expertise, which equals lower upfront and monthly costs
  • Doesn’t require maintenance or technical expertise
  • All updates made at the cloud level
  • Captures all Gaming Protocols and is independent of any gaming machines
  • Removes all manual entry from your operations
  • “Break and replace” principle
  • Military grade for hostile environments
  • Intuitive LED lighting system for technical and operational diagnostics

The AXES Information Management System (AIMS) is a cloud-based solution for managing all aspects of a gaming operation. AIMS performs players, marketing, operations, security, reporting and all other requirements for efficient operations.


  • Dynamic real-time information so that you always know what is happening with your operations.
  • Hundreds of custom reports at your fingertips
  • Available from any browser on desktop and mobile devices
  • Scalable from a single operation to multiple sites
  • Fully secure, encrypted data with online redundancy
  • Accounting Module to save time and money
  • Server hosted in Canada’s premier data storage facility
  • Four unique functions available for all of our clients: Roles and Permissions, Groups, Automatic Reporting, Alerts and Events.
Local Integrity Device

The LID is the answer to unreliable Internet and completely redundant local cloud services. The LID ensures that the mission-critical transactions such as "ticket in," "ticket out" are locally redundant so that cloud availability is never an issue.


  • Redundant device allowing for no single point of failure
  • Online and offline capacities for internet-challenged environments
  • Stores up to 300 days of transactions in offline mode
  • Only one device per site is required
  • Can disable/enable a machine or an entire location with a single command

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