Third Party Apps

AXES thrives as an open platform that attracts the best of breed developers and manufacturers. Our open API allows users to connect complementary modules that will help you automated your business, reduce your costs and increase your revenues.

VizExplorer's bundled package for AXES Network customers helps properties maximize the ROI of their marketing and slot operations. Optimize your slot floor with insights into game change decisions, including slot placement and performance analysis. Drive players to your property with marketing campaign management that delivers analytical insights marketers can act on. VizExplorer helps properties develop targeted marketing campaigns that drive incremental visits and maximize the return on marketing spending.

Slot Advantages:

  • Maximize slot floor performance and profitability
  • Enhance guest experience by delivering games that players like
  • Drive player loyalty and return visits
  • Slot analysis tools and heat map performance tracking
  • Real-time slot floor management view
  • Optimized slot analysis and measurement

Marketing Advantages:

  • Quickly create and analyze targeted marketing campaigns
  • Simplify player segmentation and offer management
  • Validate promotions that drive visits with advanced Test and Control methodology
  • Easy customer behavior segmentation
  • Access all vital information–campaigns, offers, players, and segments
  • Real-time reporting for campaign performance tracking
Redemption Terminal

Everything GEWETE undertakes is designed and assembled in Germany and they have over 25 years of experience in cash handling, so you know you are getting high quality. Services like ticket redemption, hand pay, issue of bar code tickets, bill breaking, customer card, multi-currency acceptance are offered already fully integrated within the AXES system. This has made GeWeTe one of the leading cash handling providers worldwide. All relevant aspects of security are always our main priority because cash handling is a matter of trust, and trust requires the highest competence.


  • Money charger with large note capacity
  • Ticket handling / TITO
  • Cash in / cash out
  • Payout of all winning tickets
  • Connection to AIMS
  • Handling of player / customer cards

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